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Wireless “flexible electronic skin” promises versatile monitoring

Researchers in South Korea have borrowed from nature to design a super-soft electronic skin patch that transmits data to a mobile phone. The system, which fits onto a silicone disc about 4cm in diameter, is flexible enough to follow the curves of the body and can be stuck just about anywhere, according to its developers […]

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Engineering podcast competition aims to change the world

The winner of the How to change the world engineering podcast competition has been announced, with US student Bethany Gordon taking the top prize. A student at the University of Virginia, Bethany’s podcast explored how engineers could collaborate remotely to crowdsource practical solutions to humanitarian crises. It proposed using virtual reality to experience life in […]

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New dawn for thorium reactor research

First molten-salt thorium nuclear reactor experiment in over 45 years starts in the Netherlands The first phase of the Salt Irradiation Experiment (SALIENT) has begun at the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group in Petten, a nuclear research facility on the Dutch North Sea coast. The experiment is being carried out in cooperation with the European […]

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Experts call for international ban on autonomous weapons

Over 100 roboticists and artificial intelligence experts have called for an international ban on lethal autonomous weapons systems. The call – made at the start of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2017) in Melbourne – has been endorsed in a letter signed by the founders of 116 robotics and AI companies who […]

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Nanowire array to stop soldiers freezing

US researchers develop nanowire system to heat battledress for cold climate combat Winter has never been the soldier’s friend. In ancient times, wars were only fought between spring and autumn; and in campaigns from Napoleon’s time onwards, the onset of winter has precipitated catastrophic defeat. At this week’s American Chemical Society meeting, researchers from Stanford […]

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Whiteland Engineering Ltd - Sub Contract Machining Specialists | Precision Machining | Machining Services | Machined Components | Precision Engineering

Whiteland Engineering Ltd - For All Your Precision Machining Needs!


Whiteland Engineering Ltd is a sub-contract precision engineering company based in the South West specialising in the supply of high quality machined components in a variety of materials, using the latest CNC technology. We have experience in many industries and we are proud to work closely with our customers in order to enhance their products.

We are adaptable enough to cater for one-off prototypes through to production in volume. Our dedicated "Planning and Estimating Team" can evaluate and price all your requirements in a timely fashion.

The main industries we support include Aerospace, Defence (MOD), Oil and Gas, Printing & Packaging, Marine & Tobacco.

Our services include:

  • Precision machining in large and small batches
  • Specialised mechanical assemblies including hydraulic and pneumatic units
  • Special Purpose Machine Tool Components
  • Complete assemblies of jigs, tools and fixtures of all types including gauges
  • Workshop plant repairs
  • Spares for various types of machinery
  • Reverse engineering and manufacture complete to customer specification
  • Component inspection and supporting documentation

Latest News...

New Plant Addition - Mazak QUICK TURN NEXUS 350MY II (Driven Tools)

July 2016

This new machine not only brings advanced technology, productivity, value and performance but enables us to machine larger diameter parts in a single setup. We are able to produce components up to 1.5m in length and from one off prototypes, small batches through to medium volume production.

New Service - We now have a Kemwelder IV Welding System

July 2016

The welder works by gently touching the spot of the welding point with the electrode tip. After 2 seconds, the control unit triggers welding, at the same time, an electromagnet draws the electrode back. You then precisely position the electrode for subsequent points which can then be triggered every second. For safety, the shutter of the microscope closes with each weld. This equipment is ideal for tool and damaged components repairs.