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Liquid metal morphing makes shapes for robotics

A method for forcing blobs of liquid metal to form programmable shapes could have startling applications Researchers from Sussex and Swansea Universities have invented a method for morphing a liquid metal into two-dimensional shapes that can be changed seamlessly. While some way off from the morphing liquid metal robot that terrified audiences in the film […]

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Airbus Bombardier C-Series deal could save Belfast jobs

Airbus is to acquire a majority stake in Bombardier’s C-Series aircraft business, potentially shoring up thousands of UK jobs put at risk by a recent US decision to impose sharp import tariffs on the aircraft. Under the agreement, Airbus will acquire a 50.01 per cent stake in the C- Series Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP) whilst […]

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Interview: GKN Driveline chief executive Phil Swash

Phil Swash, CEO of GKN Driveline speaks to Jon Excell about the current “golden age” of automotive engineering.  There are rarely many big surprises at car shows these days. While once upon a time manufacturers waited for the exhibition hall doors to open before performing the big reveal, today’s events are typically robbed of their […]

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This week’s poll: Protecting UK strategic industries

Do new proposals to prevent strategic industries in the UK being bought up by overseas interests go far enough? Business secretary Greg Clark has announced new proposals to prevent manufacturers in strategic industrial sectors from being bought up by foreign interests. The proposals apply to manufacturers in two sectors: the ‘dual use’ and military sector, […]

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Last week’s poll: Has the weak pound been good or bad for your business?

A relatively low turnout for last week’s poll (280) didn’t hinder the debate that accompanied our question about the weak pound and its impact on business. Monthly indicators from the Purchasing Managers’ Index show that a drop in sterling has helped businesses exploit export opportunities, but it has also had a negative impact on input […]

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Whiteland Engineering Ltd - Sub Contract Machining Specialists | Precision Machining | Machining Services | Machined Components | Precision Engineering

Whiteland Engineering Ltd - For All Your Precision Machining Needs!


Whiteland Engineering Ltd is a sub-contract precision engineering company based in the South West specialising in the supply of high quality machined components in a variety of materials, using the latest CNC technology. We have experience in many industries and we are proud to work closely with our customers in order to enhance their products.

We are adaptable enough to cater for one-off prototypes through to production in volume. Our dedicated "Planning and Estimating Team" can evaluate and price all your requirements in a timely fashion.

The main industries we support include Aerospace, Defence (MOD), Oil and Gas, Printing & Packaging, Marine & Tobacco.

Our services include:

  • Precision machining in large and small batches
  • Specialised mechanical assemblies including hydraulic and pneumatic units
  • Special Purpose Machine Tool Components
  • Complete assemblies of jigs, tools and fixtures of all types including gauges
  • Workshop plant repairs
  • Spares for various types of machinery
  • Reverse engineering and manufacture complete to customer specification
  • Component inspection and supporting documentation

Latest News...

New Plant Addition - Mazak QUICK TURN NEXUS 350MY II (Driven Tools)

July 2016

This new machine not only brings advanced technology, productivity, value and performance but enables us to machine larger diameter parts in a single setup. We are able to produce components up to 1.5m in length and from one off prototypes, small batches through to medium volume production.

New Service - We now have a Kemwelder IV Welding System

July 2016

The welder works by gently touching the spot of the welding point with the electrode tip. After 2 seconds, the control unit triggers welding, at the same time, an electromagnet draws the electrode back. You then precisely position the electrode for subsequent points which can then be triggered every second. For safety, the shutter of the microscope closes with each weld. This equipment is ideal for tool and damaged components repairs.