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Whiteland Engineering Ltd. - Standard Conditions Of Purchase

Suppliers to Whiteland Engineering Ltd (Referred to as WEL within this document) are required to meet the following in order to satisfy customer specific contractual requirements.

1. Inform WEL of any Non-Conforming Product prior to release and to gain WEL approval prior to releasing non-conforming product(s).

2. To inform WEL of any changes in product and/or process definition in advance so any required approvals can be put in place to accept and record the changes.

3. Inform WEL as soon as it is known an agreed delivery date cannot be achieved.

4. The supplier will flow down to any sub tier supplier the applicable requirements in purchase documents including key characteristics where required. The supplier also retains responsibility for the quality of product/process of any sub tier supplier used Changes in any sub tier suppliers will need to be communicated to and approved by WEL prior to their use.

5. WEL's Purchase order number will be quoted on all suppliers release documentation.

6. Any material process or product specification quoted on the WEL purchase order will need to be validated as conforming to the quoted process or specification on the Suppliers release certification (Certificates of Conformity and/or Certificates of Analysis).

7. Production records for the operation/process and product validation need to be retained for a minimum of 5 years unless stated otherwise on the Purchase order. This applies to any sub tier suppliers used.

8. Provide and maintain a list of staff delegated/authorised to release/certify products or services. This includes any sub tier suppliers used.

9. Supply Chain must be free from :-

  1. Child Labour
  2. Slave/Forced Labour
  3. Counterfeit Parts/Material/Documentation

10. Policies put in place and actions taken to ensure the supply chain is free from any suppliers, known to be in contravention of 1-3 are not to be used in the WEL Supply Chain.

11. Where applicable materials must be in accordance with Conflict Minerals US Bill HR4173-Sect 1502.

12. All Sevices/Materials/Goods to Comply to all applicable UKJEU Statuary Regulations REACH, RoHs etc.